Red Light Tickets in Arizona

red light ticket

We frequently represent clients accused of running a red light.  Many of the red light tickets we see originated from a photo enforcement device, commonly referred to as photo radar. These violations are a little different than speeding violations because of the increased consequences imposed by the Arizona Motor Vehicles Division if you are found responsible.  You may want to … Read More

I Received A Photo Radar Ticket In The Mail – What Are My Options?

photo radar ticket options

This is probably the worst option of the 4 available options. The State (the “State” is who issues the ticket, regardless of whether your ticket is from Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, etc.) sends a photo radar ticket in the mail in an effort to save the expense of having the recipient personally served with the ticket, known as service of process.  Service of process involves a person … Read More

Photo Radar and Criminal Speeding Tickets in Scottsdale City Court

photo radar in Scottsdale

We frequently represent clients with criminal speeding tickets in Scottsdale City Court. You probably didn’t know this, but Scottsdale City Court processes over 80,000 cases, 75% of which are civil traffic cases. That’s over 60,000 civil traffic cases a year! And that doesn’t even include all of the victimless criminal traffic cases like criminal speeding, driving on a suspended license, … Read More

Vehicle Impound In Arizona

impounded vehicle

In Arizona, the police will usually impound the vehicle if a driver is cited for certain criminal traffic violations.  If the driver is charged with driving on a revoked license, driving on a suspended license, Extreme DUI or Aggravated DUI, among others, the vehicle that was being driven will almost certainly be impounded. The scenario usually goes like this: the police … Read More

Should You Call An Attorney? Yes!

call an attorney

Please, call an attorney before you take action on your next traffic ticket. Believe it or not, we often get calls from prospective clients who have irreparably harmed their case because they did not call an attorney and took action on their own first. The prospective client tells us the facts of their case and we get excited because we … Read More

Juvenile Court And Criminal Traffic Cases

Juvenile Court and criminal traffic

Most criminal traffic cases involving a juvenile defendant do not end up in juvenile court; they are usually handled in the court of limited jurisdiction that covers the area where the violation took place. A limited jurisdiction court is limited in that it can only hear misdemeanor cases, and cannot hear felony cases. Limited jurisdiction courts include municipal courts, like … Read More

Why I Drive Slowly

Drive Slowly

I love cars, and I love going fast in cars, but I drive slowly these days. I did not always drive slowly, and I have been pulled over by police for speeding a number of times during my life. Many times I have received warnings because I know how to act during a traffic stop and I’m not a jerk … Read More

The Burden of Proof in Civil Traffic Hearings

burden of proof in civil traffic hearing

Before I discuss the burden of proof at a civil traffic hearing, I want to discuss a what a civil traffic hearing is first. If a police officer issues you a civil traffic ticket, you have a right to contest that ticket in court. To do so, you must request a civil traffic hearing on or before the date on … Read More

What Is Service of Process in a Photo Radar Case?

photo enforcement service of process

Service of process refers to the procedure through which the State provides a driver formal notice of a photo radar ticket. (When discussing traffic tickets, the “State” is who issues the ticket. Your case name will be “The State of Arizona v. Named Defendant”, even though the ticket may have been issued by the Scottsdale Police Department, for example.) There … Read More

Traffic Stops and the Drug Dog

The Drug Dog and Traffic Stops

A few years ago, I was driving through Colorado on my way home to Arizona. I was traveling the speed limit, but was nevertheless pulled over by a cop for allegedly exceeding the speed limit by 2 mph. The officer asked me to exit my vehicle and issued me a warning. As the traffic stop appeared to be ending, the … Read More