A variety of conduct can lead to a charge of DUI. A DUI in Arizona can be a simple DUI, an Extreme DUI, or an Aggravated DUI, each with different consequences. Regardless of what sort of DUI you have been charged with, the criminal defense firm of Kielsky Rike pllc can help.  Many firms charge a single flat fee for every DUI case, regardless of the work involved. By doing so, those firms may benefit when a case pleads out quickly, because they do not have to take the case to trial, even though they charged the same fee as if the case had gone to trial. Recognizing this as an issues for potential clients, Kielsky Rike pllc has developed a three-tiered fee schedule for DUI cases that more reasonably matches the fee with the work performed on the case.


Stage 1: We will review your case, counsel you regarding what is likely your best outcome and negotiate a plea offer.  Often, a plea offer is the best realistic outcome.  Cost: $1,350.


Stage 2: We will perform additional discovery, engage in motion practice and attend evidentiary hearings up to but not including trial.  Cost in addition to stage 1: $1,350.


Stage 3: We will prepare for and represent you in trial for your case.  Cost in addition to stage 2: $1,350.


By structuring our fees in this manner, you receive the benefit of counsel through the initial stages of the case, without breaking the bank. Should the case settle early, as the vast majority of DUI cases do, you will know that you have done the best under the circumstances, without having had to pay the full fare.